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  • Shaman balancing

    Likzer - - Archive


    I wanna write this fast, so first game forces players to have our own dragon shamans, and for the years he's always the same, and now you wan't to destroy months/years of making one more character to play normal? Blessing- dmg from monsters are big so you shouldn't change in it anything. Reflect- I don't see any changes when i use it or not in PVM, PVP? >Dispel< :P(shamans should get for buff himself 10-20% more and it will be good). Dragon's Aid- maybe it's should be 40% on P with all int bonus…

  • Dont ruin lykan

    Likzer - - Archive


    Hello, I wanna to show all of you my opinion of this "balance" Let's take a closer look to the all characters with skill that increases attack power. Sura: Enchanted Blade gives sura good attack boost and (on P) 12% hp stealing, which give us most powerful hp regeneration in this game. Enchanted Blade also increases with lvl, and have some boost from the int in equipment, alchemy etc, so having additional equipment to increase dmg is good idea, but you can also don't use it, and blade still will…