Shaman balancing

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    • Ghoo0st wrote:

      Regarding the boost for the healer, I have mixed feelings. DMG changed slightly - at 61lvl 40% of the half-humans 21um 120 int and the pet (without sash and alchemy):

      Before the balance-Lightning Throw (P) average 9k, Summon Lightning (P) 11-12k (without crit)
      After the balance - Lightning Throw (P) on average 11k, Summon Lightning (P) 13.5 - 14.5k
      Cure (P) - recovered 5k, recover 5,5k - also minor change, I expected something more - because what difference 500hp when players can have 35k bp ... Cure becomes useless - you see it Ideally, when nobody uses it in the combat zone.
      Lighning Claw (1 point) - I did not check the chance to slow down - 11%, I have not managed to slow down yet, I do not know what boost is with the skill on P
      Swiftness - other points (8 times) - cooldown same much more speed - at current state - 11% CD and 26% speed, also big +

      Plus a cool down Summon Lightning to 10 seconds, while the cast could leave as it is.
      I think the flashing animation was "cut", the skill is executed even faster than before - in my opinion it was not needed, although it is ok.

      Prior to the update, stun from the Summon Lightning was rare, now even less frequent. In my opinion,% should slightly increase - even up to 40% - most still have it. The problem with stun with the call was because the PT effect had prolonged its action, now it was eliminated, so in my opinion they should increase the chance.

      Immediate Lightning Throw should give me some bonus - eg kick off your opponent (like a repetitive shot) - it would help to keep a reasonable distance and release from the sword when falling into someone with an autoatack.

      Synergy from strength - recall and claw - is it working? After resetting the dex with 90p and putting everything in str, the Summon Lightning is nearly 3k less than skill, the claw is too low to test. Error? or maybe this synergy exists only theoretically?
      really you complain about not being that much OP.
      I recomendo you swapt to dragon shaman and then what would you do, suicide? its fun to see people complaining about being soo bosted when other classes have been huge nerfed.

      Let me tell you one thing @Ghoo0st 500 hp more per heal is a big differece, now a critical skill is x1,1 the skill dmg so 500 is the same approx that a critical power up so healing same as a critical powers up don't think is a mess, well it really is a mess but in the oposite side. The same oon healers using fans healing all group etc etc...

      so pleas when you wanna complain have some logical on it

      pd: A dragon shaman who probably wont play again his main dragon shaman
      “Although there is no progress without change, not all change is progress.”
      :!: John Robert Wooden :!:
      Customer complaints are the schoolbooks from which we learn.
      Lou Guerstner