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    • Please don't ruin the Lycaner. You have to see that the Lycaner is a new Class of Charakter and others need time and money to defened theirself against it. But the Lycan is not over powert ....meanwhile a lot of my Friends who are playing Lycan are angry because it sounds that the Character will be useless after this Update. And the Equipment is also useless because Nobody would like to Play Lycan anymore. A little balancing in PVP is okay but Not in PVM.
      Most People are only crying because they have not enough defence yet. In 1 year everything will be Changed!
      Lycan has also Problems with dmg-Bugg on razador and so on! Better to fix that! That will be more Important!
    • RestINPeaceLYCAN wrote:


      Lol funny 55 second duration needed p crimson soul 360 str needed you are just joking or you know nothing about metin2 looks like
      That can be changed this is not the ultimate version of lykan that will be inplemented.Is just tests,im sure they will count abaut that.
      But lykan hit dmg must be less,is a must,nor in pvp and pvm.The skill dmg needs to ramain the same.And they need to take away the picing change from crimson soul ! .These change are esential