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    • Hi Warrior,

      1 - Red potions are, at the moment, enough for the players' needs. There are multiple different systems where players can increase their HP regeneration.
      2 - The change on piercing hits already helped with the Mental Warrior. A the moment there won't be any change but we did request some small changes to help this character in future.
      3 - This is a bit tricky, it is not so simple, technically.
      4 - Critical Hit chance that you see on the Character Sheet is only for normal PvE hits. It is a base for the PvP and Skill critical hit chance.
      5 - If this would be done, players would have enough items for years... This is not the purpose of these items. These items are just a bonus of top of normal purchases!
    • Location:

      Description.Is not a bug but i will sugest if you can tell to WEBZEN its a nighmare to farm in these maps at mining because here are some points
      1)Let`s say you find a smarald Ore but is surounded by mobs what you do? You need to take all the mobs and go with them other side and let them kill you then you come back to the ore but when you finaly do that bam the mobs come back and suround the smarald ore again and again you repeat step1 etc.When you finaly clean the zone where the ore is you give 3-4 with pickaxe but sadly the ore dissapear.
      2)The ores from there are very hard to find because they are all map why not they change the coords and be like in temple hwang
      3)The ores from these maps only 10 minutes have duration.... 6-7 minutes you lose by cleaning the area from the monsters.
      4)How about the mobs from this 4 maps can be changed and not attack by themselfs to be like the mobs from map2 only if you attack them they atack you...
      #NoToUpdate 18.4 Dont Change the elementary rezistance no to new alchemy