Yutnori: Drop of fragments

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    Dear players,

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    • Yutnori: Drop of fragments

      Hello dear players,

      As promised, the drop of Fragments for the Yutnori will start at 13h30 (German time)

      The drop rate is specially and just for the Beta server, to allow you to be able to try the changes in Yutnori game.
      You can find them in Metins & Bosses.

      We will be waiting for feedback as always.

      Thank you for your support on 18.4,
      Metin2 Team

      <3 Anayra of the House Metin2, the First of Her Name, Breaker of Servers,
      Queen of Bugs, Babysitter of Testers, Mother of Dragons! <3

      :love: Beran Meley Nemere Razador Hydra :love: