Metin2 Beta

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Dear players, thank you for taking part in the Public Beta for 17.5!

The Beta is over, the version has been rolled out to all live servers. Therefore this forum has been set to read-only for now. Thank you for your participation, help and feedback!

Recent Activities

  • Rapier -

    Wrote a comment on unforgiven’s wall.

    Wall Comment
    @unforgiven, since the beta is closed as well the beta forum, I would kindly ask you this...

    Please ask the responible persons for FORUM to allow reading access to all threads. There are alot of usefull questions and answers here and many of us come…
  • RabbitRun -

    Wrote a comment on RabbitRun’s wall.

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    Before this forum closes at least I did write something on my wall c:
  • YoTeDoPo -

    Replied to the thread Shaman balancing.

    All classes have more damage in PvP than my Dragon Shaman @unforgiven.
  • Calm -

    Replied to the thread BUG INCREASED DMG.

  • StrikerX -

    Posted the thread BUG INCREASED DMG.

    Hello! I do not know if this has only happened to me,but after the update on the official server I noticed that the damage taken from all mobs has increased a lot.I used to do DT runs with no problems..Now I struggle to do it as I used to. I am playing…
  • YoTeDoPo -

    Replied to the thread Extra Window for Zodiac Temple items.

    @unforgiven pleas read this, I think is a good idea.
  • Twiet -

    Liked unforgiven’s post in the thread Weaponary Suras General Weakness.

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    Quote from Amasyali: “Quote from reveina: “Quote from unforgiven: “Ok, I will interfere here. Stop the trash talk. This is not the place for this. ” Why trash talk is very important for you? Care about game balance! There is still no change for…
  • Apollykan -

    Replied to the thread Weaponary Suras General Weakness.

    Weapon sura and berserk warrior are the most balanced characters both in pve and pvp..
  • TcatalunyaT -

    Replied to the thread Unbalance.

    and just adding this info, aas requested many times, an earrings with int + hp are a must have nowadays with this new meta. (Hidden Content)
  • YoTeDoPo -

    Replied to the thread Unbalance.

    Now it is INT and DEX, not? Also I think that the ammount of attack given in Shamans should increase...