Pinned Piercing Hits

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    • unforgiven wrote:

      a) It has ALWAYS worked like this. This is not new. After 100%, piercing will give you bonus damage.

      I think it is clear that you need to modify this, first of the extra damage to have 100% more penetration does not make sense, this advantage would obviously take advantage of the lycan with his skills. Perhaps this is one of the 2 reasons, in addition to its critics already based on skills, for which the lycan is so strong these days.

      Besides his high scale from int in damage and % penetrationand that they have high damage with his Crimson Wolf soul. In addition, the scarlet wolf's soul does the same damage no matter what level the character has, so a 55 or 75 or 90 or 100 can exploit this damage a lot compared to other races.

      Even at high level he still has more damage than the other abilities like aura sword and enchanted blade if the lycan increases the ability using Intelligence.

      I think that it should necessarily be that the penetration is only a probability as are the critics, with the limit of 100% and the problem would be solved, I think at least on that side. This way we can see more easily the difference between the old penetration damage and the new.
      JonyBelmont, Body Warrior lv112. Server: Nemesis.
    • unforgiven wrote:

      RabbitRun wrote:

      It ignored normal player defence, now it ignores normal defence + character defence (e.g. lycan def, warrior def ...)
      It did not ignore players' defense, it just added the defense value to the final damage.

      Right now, it ignores the players' defense ONLY. Resistances versus classes/weapons are still working.

      No. Class resistance only decreases 'Strong against Class' as stated in changelog. Therefore piercing hits ignore this bonus. Plus I have tested it so many times.