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    • Piercing Hits

      My notification is, that now piercing hits work as it is logical:

      If a Hit pierces,the calculationcalculates the damage without Defence:

      I hit a mental warrior with strong Body P, so 950 Deff with my fist, 450 Attack Value. The piercing hits on the beta Server were only about 375. On the original Server I always did 1000+ hits when they pierced.

      I also notifcated, that there was no "flashing up" when you pierce. Only when you have a critical hit. Also, piercing hits did not krit.

      Maybe someone can check how it works with a weapon and resistances..
    • pelosona666 wrote:

      Piercing hits are broken right now...apparently they ignore all defenses or so...
      I agree, on hits and on skills. It's weird shooting Fire Arrow in one person for 16k, then 21k without crit and yet making the crit dmg of 47.5k. Of course it is cool but kinda broken and it is not working like it was planned to work I think.
      Nickname: Dosarphic
      Profession: Ninja Archer
      Lv: 115

      Metin2 PL
      Server: Samos [s.51]
    • It's a good thing to have a strong piercing hit on the opponent, but from the other angle if somebody inflicts a piercing hit on you that can be really bad. Piercing hits seems seems for me too OP at the moment. In both directions.

      And don't forget that monsters can also do piercing hits on you, and that is a really problem. A monster doin' 1k hits on your 900 defense can do easily 4k piercing hit on you. Just imagine if you try to kill a bunch of monsters and just 5 of them doing piercing on you. -20k and probably you lay down immediatelly.

      Did you test piercing and normal hits from monsters?
    • Testreg wrote:

      The piercing hits are WAYYYYYYYYY too OP right now...
      Not quite. You might rephrase... the piercing hit of an Body Warrior, Lycans or Weapon Sura are over powered. 10k-20k PER HIT is insane. On the other hand the archer has only 4k for ex, same goes for a Black Magic Sura or for Mental Warrior...not sure about Dagger Ninjas and Shamans as I couldn't test those.

      My guess is that those classes that have a buff that increases the hit damage (Body War, Weapon Sura and Lycans) have this huge amount of damage per piercing hit. All the other classes might have normal damage. Lightning Shaman could also have it due to it's attack buff
    • I tried piercing hits in PvP. I dont have 105 fan and I have so many absent items although I attacked with space nearly 10k. ( Before that, i generally attack 3k with the help of piercing hits. )
      I think its too much for PvP.
      But PvE version of piercing hits really satisfied me.
      I dont know what kind of an update could balance PvP and PvE version of piercing hits. :)
    • Ok so i went at razador today with my main character and i can say that piercing got way overpowered even on pvm, not just pvp.

      So i normally do (on the original server) 8k (crit) dmg and with piercing it goes at around 8,7-8,8 if i remember correctly. If i want i can go at 9-9,5k with my fireshoes and soul belt and piercing goes at most 10,2-10,3 and at the boss i can do at most 6k with some dews and my equipment, nothing more from IS etc.

      So in the beta with the only additional dmg i get from Flawless Ruby to Brilliant (270-195 attack value and 14-10% avg and my sash that got 2 extra avg and 20 attack dmg when equipped) my dmg skyrocketed to 13k and with piercing to 19k and that is CRAZY. Well not that i did not like this kind of difference but it is still crazy. So then i went full on dmg with lollypop, 120 attack value from dew, dragon god attack, 10% crystall, and 200 from Tiger Bone Earrings and my crit damage went to like 18k (somewhere there i am not sure) but piercing got to like 23-25k. Now that is CRAZY. This dmg was at the Purgatory Fire Metin. At the Razador i was dealing dmg at max 14k with piercing and 6,8 with critical (i had 132% so i saw only critical and piercing) . With a ninja! And that is ridiculous dmg (i am not complaining as i said but it is ridiculous).

      So let's talk a little about PVP. With a fellow lycan we did some testing. I had 81% claw, his skill dmg was pretty normal, we had the same extras from the shops, except i did not have lycan shield and the ring that gives lycan defense (my bad :P). His hits were crazy. I was using blessings every 1-2 secs or even faster and yet he sometimes killed me (with a little help of lag, but thats not the point). His piercing dmg went to 11k (i did not ask him his offences). Yesterday we tested our characters both in original and beta server with same equipment (except for my sash). In beta server my fast attack did 5,4, while in the original it did 4,7. The only difference is that i got 20 attack value from sash, nothing else. And my hits in beta did about 2k more than the piercing hits on original, i do not remember the exact numbers, but his hits did 6-7k piercing in beta, while in the original they were around 2,2-2,5k dmg. Same equipment in both cases (with the small difference of the sash)
    • Lyka Lv 100: Yemon Biologist quests 2x Attack Damage (finished)
      Schaman Lv 115: Syleen Biologist quests Lv 92 still doing.

      Schaman had 0 Equipment just 247 Defence.
      • Lyka: 62% Str. ag. Half human
      • 25% Strong against Schamans (Stone+4)
      • 18% Average Damage (Alchemy)
      • Attack Damage 2810 - 2916
      First Hits with 62% Piercing Hit = ~5,7k
      Second Hits with 91% Piercing Hit = ~11,7k
      Third Hit with 131% Piercing Hit = ~15,4k

    • Yemon wrote:

      First Hits with 62% Piercing Hit = ~5,7k

      Second Hits with 91% Piercing Hit = ~11,7k
      Third Hit with 131% Piercing Hit = ~15,4k


      Wait what ?
      It literally says "chance for piercing hit", does chance means nothing to Ymir/Webzen ?
      It does not mean the amount of defense you can pierce through!
      How about making the word " chance " and the percentage sign " % " work as it should mathematically ?
      That being :
      If I have 100% piercing chance, that means i can ignore all my opponent's weapon defense all the time.
      If I have 5% piercing chance, that mean each time i hit my opponent i have 5 out of 100 chance to ignore all of his weapon defense.

      The amount of piercing damage should be the same whether i have 5% or 50% piercing chance, but the chance to get a piercing hit on my opponent should change.

      Otherwise just change the description cause it's confusing.

    • 10% weapon boni
      8% stone of piercing +4
      10% weapon skin
      10% bracelet boni
      28% heaven's tear necklace +9 with ores
      10% razador pet with piercing skill
      5% with normal pet like cupido or baby huashin
      20% pink dew
      20% piercing strike (for 30 minutes)
      2% in sash
      2-3% with energy 10
      34% purple soul skill of lykan
      160% ?

      I'd be interested with a such amount normal vs piercing.
    • Spark wrote:

      34% purple soul skill of lykan
      Purple soul skill of lykancan give 60% when you have 169Intelligence.
      Feedback on most skill that need improvement (positive/negative)

      Razador gives 12% on higher level.
      Earrings of Harmony --> 8% when the love is at 100%

      I will test it just in a moment :)
      Problem is, that i can't get the Attack DMG from Purple soul skill without piercing.
      So Minimum piercing will be 60% wenn I should do max DMG.

      €dit: Here are some more Videos (@Spark, @unforgiven)

      With Claws: 69% Piercing Hit vs 170%
      With 69% --> 48K
      With 170% --> 72K

      Without Claws (just fisting) 0% Piercing Hit vs
      With 0% --> 8,2K
      With 91% --> 13K

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