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    Dear players,

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    • Version 18.4 - Open Beta Change log

      Dear players,

      we are planning to kick off this year’s version 18.4 with a new iteration of our Beta Server. We are aware, that the balancing is still a hot topic in every aspect. Which is why we want to ensure you, that we are continuously working on improving it, since it can’t be done in one single update.

      With last year’s version 17.5 we introduced a new way of how the Elementary Resistances work. This year’s version 18.4 will bring changes to many features across Metin2 – Elementary Resistances, the Alchemy System, Emotions as well as the Sash and Pet-System, so let’s get started.


      Mythic Alchemy
      The mythic alchemy system has been added to the game. It will give you the opportunity to further upgrade your alchemy and improve your character. The new system is coming with a new row of legendary dragon stones which can be crafted by combining 2 normal legendary stones into a new mythic legendary stone. To make it easier for players and to give a use to not so useful excellent dragon Stones, you will be able to combine legendary dragon stones from any Clarity. Meaning you will be able to combine 1 legendary matt and 1 legendary excellent dragon stone into a new legendary mythic stone.

      Elementary Resistances
      Since we introduced the elementary resistances they have been a debating point within the communities. We are trying to improve this circumstance, which is why we will reduce the effectiveness of these resistances. We are aware, that this is a critical topic and reducing the effectiveness can be quite dangerous. Which is why we will start off slow, so we can further adjust them in future if needed.

      Pet-System Renewal
      Since we introduced the pet system back in 2015 we added a lot of new pets over the time. To make it easier for new players to get hands on a good pet, we will introduce an item which allows players to re-roll their pet attributes.

      New Pet Skills
      With this version we will add 5 new pet skills to the game. Get your hands on a book which grants you more experience, increases your damage against monsters or the amount of HP/SP being recovered by potions. Furthermore, your pet will be able to help you by recovering more HP when killing monsters or granting you more movement speed while fighting.

      Sash System Update
      Tired of your old sash? Do you want to use a new one without having to re-do your bonuses? With this feature we’re giving you the opportunity to do just that. Hand Theowahdan 2 sashes with the same absorption rate to transfer your bonuses from one sash to the other.

      Graphic Options
      If you have to deal with performance issues or you just don’t want to see the animation of shops or in general see less shops, this feature is for you. With this new addition you will have the opportunity to truly decide for yourself what you want and what you don’t want to see. Options vary from the range in which you can see shops, to shop- or loot animations being turned off.

      New Emotions
      You will get the opportunity to get your Hands on up to 18 new Emotes for your Character.

      All these features will be available during the Beta phase, so we need you to give us constructive feedback for the respective feature. You don’t like something? – Please, head to our discussion area and let us know why.

      Greetings & best wishes

      Your Metin2-Team
    • Dear Players,

      please find the latest Change log below:

      Change log

      - Removal of Mythic DSS
      - unequipping Items will place now place them in the correct Spot again
      - Pets which changed during Character transfer were corrected
      - Defense Wave Statue name can be changed in all Channels
      - a Confirmation Window when changing your Pet has been added

      Your Metin2-Team