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Dear players, thank you for taking part in the Public Beta for 17.5!

The Beta is over, the version has been rolled out to all live servers. Therefore this forum has been set to read-only for now. Thank you for your participation, help and feedback!

  • Law G -

    صباح الخير ، كنت بسألك عن شي وعرفته وعدلت كلامي

  • MiranBey -

    selam betayı nasıl indirecez

  • dutamir97 -

    if not copy caracater can enter on account?

  • dutamir97 -

    i am in only beta client , i loghin accont but not is my accont on UK , need create new caracter but when try create and put name write this caracter not can be create i try x 100 , why? , thanks much

  • dutamir97 -

    hey , i copy my accont last 3 days new when enter need create caracter and don t can

    • Calm -

      *Make sure you copied your character.
      *Make sure that your live server is not merging some servers at the moment.
      *Wait till monday.

  • tonialex -

    hi brò