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Dear players,

please read >> here <<.

Thank you for being a part of this!

  • LionKing -

    NO TO UPDATE 18.4

  • Dyangel -

    Good afternoon.

    Implementing the new mythical alchemy is too hard for everyone.

    If you provide us with an acces, item or new pincer to be able to extract only the legendary alchemy to 100%, with a high purchase value (5w 10w)I would help everyone to choose if we want to continue with our legendary alchemy or move on to the new one without devaluing our effort.
    - I think it would help improve Pj's preparation.
    - it would improve the trading system.
    - It would solve the problem of obsolete characters.
    - change your race for greater happiness of the players, if they have grown tired of their current race.
    - update old pjs by new pjs.
    - PVP would be reactivated at intermediate do not forget to let us update the biologists of our pj. (92 and 94)

    ***since we are in a beta we can update more things than new ones impemented. ***

    Greetings and forgive my English.