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  • Karadeniz -

    Is the server off?

  • Th3Original -

    We need more details about last news... Just alchemy removed? Any interaction in resistences? What type of feedback do you want about pets & mounts? What type of mounts? More detailed post plz

    • badidol -

      The alchemy has been removed.
      To my knowledge the resistances have not been changed.
      A more complete "changelog" will follow shortly, it is not available yet.
      Concerning the feedback: I'll ask QA again what exactly they need/want to know and get back to you shortly.

  • alan199090 -

    hey,since 28.9, the character is copied to new beta and l used _es in my usarname but is not work, comes out incorrect password or id. please fix it, my characte name is Allforne country spanish

  • LionKing -

    NO TO UPDATE 18,4

  • gragonvlad -

    Fix 0 yang item in shop not succsesful buy

  • RabbitRun -

    Can you open the forums to create threads? Right now noone can open one

  • gragonvlad -

    I not enter to beta server server is not connect how fix ?

  • LionKing -

    Hello why the log in dont work on website to copy my character.I type my account on user name and password hit log in but nothing happen

  • LuiSylar -

    hi, i have a question about the log into the beta server, i registered last day and now i have the server installed but when i try to log into the sv i found what my username with _xx is too long and the box log don let me put the last letter, is there any answer or sollution for this problem?

    Thanks for reading me.