Changelog - 17.5

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  • Changelog - 17.5

    Hey all,

    today we will update your Beta Server with our newest version "17.5". With that version we combined the balancing update (17.4) with the new content update. Also we do an character wipe and a renewal of items what we provide in the NPC-Shops.

    Changelog 17.5


    Zodiac Temple
    • Level entry from 20 to 120
    • Dungeon for solo or to a group of up to 8 players
    • 30 floors and 5 more bonus floors: 10 minutes time limit for each floor. Bonus floors will only have 5 minutes limit
    • 12 new bosses which can spawn in the floors. These bosses can also appear together.
    • 5 different maps design
    • The different dungeons will open each day, except on Sunday, where ALL will be available
    • Players can enter by using Marbles of Life which will can be received ingame 3 times per day
    • If a player dies during the run, it will be transferred to the first map of the temple
    • If a party member dies, it will be kicked out of the group and sent out of the dungeon
    • If a group leader dies, another group member will be promoted to group leader
    • Resurrection Stone can be used to revive character inside dungeon
    • There is no difference between solo and party play
    • There is no limited entrance, you only need to have enough Marbles of Life to enter
    Elemental Resistances
    • With new maps comes new bonuses: Elemental Resistances and Elemental Damage
    • Pendants: 3 new resistances and 6 new enchants
    • Pendants will have their own slot to be equipped and they can be upgraded until 200
    • Enchant and Reinforce items can be used in the pendants like a normal item
    • Depending on your Character level, you might upgrade the pendant or not to the next level
    Character UI improvement
    • Button on the right of your Character window, will give you all the stats related to the bonus in your equipped items:
      • Damage/Defense
      • Elemental Bonus
      • Class Bonus
      • Weapon Bonus
      • Other bonus
      • Special Bonus
    New epic weapons and armours
    • New weapons and armours for each class
    • New items can be upgraded via NPC
    • If upgrade fail, the item will not break and only materials will disappear
    New Zodiac weapons and armours
    • New weapons and armours for each class

    • Pet seals have a glowing mark around if summoned
    • Guild skills can be reset now
    • Items from Apprentice Chest are now sellable in NPC
    • Gem System: amount of gemstones needed has changed
    • Monster Card System: update with new bosses
    • Sura “Enchanted Blade”: you don’t need to double click to activate again after your Mana is full
    • Potions: if character dies, effect of the potions will be reduced continuously
    • Weapon Suras are not able to use “Remove” skill to all character levels
    • Fixed a bug where players were giving too much piercing damage
    • Fixed the texture for Crescent costume for Ninja class
    • Meley’s Dungeon: exp is now given after the dungeon is finished
    • Wedding dress and tuxedo could not be moved inside inventory
    • Message was missing if you are not able to join Meley’s Dungeon
    • Character Stats are now showing correct values with Appaloosa Mount
    • Fixed an issue in Shops that could have more than one title line
    • Meley’s Dungeon: weekly Gayas are now being delivered correctly
    • Fixed an issue where Hero Medal could be used at the same time with similar items
    • Meley’s Passage ticket: NPC takes only one ticket now
    • Fixed some potions issues with auto hunting
    • Fixed an issue where monster stopped their attack for no reason
    • Fixed some issues with Trading Glass