Pinned Boss Mechanics Zodiac Temple

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    Dear players,

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    • Boss Mechanics Zodiac Temple

      Dear Users,

      It has come to our Attention, that some of you are confused about Boss Mechanics or struggling with recognizing Bugs. So we decided to share some of the new Boss Mechanics with you.
      Please keep in Mind that every Boss might have a different Behavior.

      1. Mechanics
      • Guard Canon spawns at a certain time.
      • If the boss comes close to the canon, the canon will disappear. (Keepingthe boss away from the canon is one of boss mechanics)
      • The canon will not disappear if no one attacks it.
      2. Mechanics
      • When a boss uses its skill, and lands a hit, users will turn into a stone statue by chance
      • When users become a statue, they cannot control their character. The only way to bring them back to life is by other users attacking them.
      • If all users in the stage turned to stone, they will fail.
      • Boss will not attack the stone statue.
      3. Mechanics 3
      • If a user is not in the safe zone while the Boss is using his AoE skill on the entire map, user will be turned into a wild dog for a while.
      • User still can attack while turned into a wild dog, but he has very low stats and user should run away from the boss. (Dog form will be canceled when resurrect)
      • This skill also push users off from the mount.
      4. Mechanics
      • Minion spawns and leaves blue AoE on the floor
      • Calculation does not include user who died in the effect.

      if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask me.

      Alles was ich im Umfang einer Diskussion schreibe, stellt lediglich meine persönliche Meinung dar.
      Solltet ihr Probleme im Spiel haben oder Hilfe benötigen könnt ihr euch jederzeit an mich wenden!