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    Dear players,

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    • [Feedback]Bug fixing EN

      Dear Players,

      Welcome to the international Thread which Purpose it is to locate known Bugs/Issues.

      Before we can start I want to clarify something. This Thread is an personal Effort of mine. So unfortunately I cannot give you any guarantee that the reported Bugs will be fixed within the next 14 Days.

      Like I mentioned in the Announcement the Aim of this thread is to collaborate with the Community to put together a List which I can forward to the responsible QA Member. He will then double check the reported Bugs and provide Webzen with a List of Things that need to be fixed.

      Before you can start sharing your Knowledge with me, I want you to read these following steps:

      I cannot work with a Report like “there is a Bug in Spider Dungeon please fix!!!!”

      Your Reports should fulfill some basic schematics:

      Description: Spiders in Spider Dungeon no longer aggressive
      Location: Spider Dungeon
      Steps for Reproduction: Unsaddle, use Bravery Cape, saddle back up

      The same applies for Bugs that involve the Players inventory or other mechanics. I cannot work with Reports that do not include Steps to reproduce the Error. So please only report Stuff that you can cause on purpose.

      Should your Report be something like “Monsters got Shop Names above their Heads” you will obviously not need Steps for Reproduction.

      Please dont discuss Bugs/Issues in this Thread. Visit Bug fixing Discussion EN for an open Discussion & Questions you might have.

      Go to -> Announcement
      Go to -> Bug fixing Discussion EN

      if you need help with anything, don't hesitate to ask me.

      Alles was ich im Umfang einer Diskussion schreibe, stellt lediglich meine persönliche Meinung dar.
      Solltet ihr Probleme im Spiel haben oder Hilfe benötigen könnt ihr euch jederzeit an mich wenden!

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    • Description: Dragging itens to negotiation box glitch.

      Sometimes when we drag items to the box they appear red as in, they are in the box but they aren't.

      This usually happens when you add the items too fast.


      Description: Losing items in the warehouse.

      When the server is laggy sometimes the warehouse items only load partially, it's rare and may lead to losing items if we move items and they overlap other items.


      Description: Hitting invisible "walls".

      In maps like the Ice Mountain there are multiple spots where you hit walls but there isn't anything there. It happens mostly when you try to do a "tight corner".


      Description: Being pushed to inside the walls.

      When some attack knocks you back and you are near a wall you can get stuck there and you only solution is lure moobs or start a duel to die.
    • My reports are as follows:
      Description: Respawn of Metins in unreachable areas.
      Location: This happens in Enchanted Forest and Nephrite Bay.

      Description: Low perfomance of the game in certain maps due to the great amount of monsters, with which it reaches to freeze the screen regardless of the cpu that you carry.Only when there are fewer monsters diminishes this effect.
      Location:This happens in Red Dragon Fortress, Nemere WatchTower and Meley Lair.
      In the case of Red Dragon Fortress usually happens in the task of destroying the metin of purgatory, in the task of using the maats stones to open the seals of Isfeel and also happens in any other task where it generates a massive accumulation of monsters.
      In the case of Nemere WatchTower usually happens on the 5th floor where it opens the seals of arctic cubes due to the large number of monsters that come out and most of the time this generates that the screen is frozen.
      In Meley Lair's case it usually happens when a lot of monsters come out of the Dragon's Eggs.

      This is what I will report for now. I'll see if I'm looking for other bugs I've seen.
      JonyBelmont, Body Warrior lv112. Server: Nemesis.
    • Old lady bug

      1a) old lady dosent tell you how much charm of karma costs.
      if you get bad luck from old lady, she will offer you a charm of karma which you can accept. She does not tell you though that it costs 7,777 yang which is taken away from you after you take the charm

      1b) to do with above bug. If you dont have the 7,777 required yang then she tells you she cannot give you the charm. The dialogue box with old lady glitches out a bit and she asks you whether you want her to tell you your fortune a second time. After this you get a get some other type of luck such as "some good luck" and the 5% extra yang as usual

      I know its a small and unimportant bug but i guess this is the thread from which it could be fixed

      PS: im not sure whether the amount she wants is still 7,777 yang as i just tried on beta and im pretty sure she took 20,000 yang
    • Damage will be absorbed by HP - avd not working (BUG)
      Display Spoiler

      Hey guys,

      I made some test with the Bonus "%Damage will be absorbed by HP" and find out that it is not working correct.

      Usualy you have a ~10% chance to absorb XY% Damage you made on a something.

      But it doesn't count avd(Acerage Damage).
      So it doesn't matter if you have -20% avd or +50%avd you will gain the same HP like if you have 0 avd.

      In this video you can clearly see that you gain with a -20% avd weapon the same amount of HP as with a +50%

      It is not super easy to test it, because there is no "Gain HP" notification over your head. So you need to press C and always look at your HP to see how much you gained.

      I also poisend my selfe, so that the HP-Reg don't work.
      So you will always stay on 1HP and see better wenn you gain HP from absorb.

      Test 1: 30% Damage will be absorbed by HP and +50% avd Hawk Claw+9
      DMG I did on the Metin11591173121812041216
      HP I absorbed237234243240243

      Test 2: 30% Damage will be absorbed by HP and -20% avd Hawk Claw+9
      DMG I did on the Metin652620627620
      HP I absorbed244232235232

      It may be seems not like a big problem, but in my opinion it should be fixed.
      Because if you do twice your damage due avd, then you also should gain twice the amount of HP.

    • Description: Likan
      Location: skills
      Steps for Reproduction:
      To slow animations punch Likan compared to other characters.
      Likan is a slower character than the rest class.
      Lycan dont have a 100% shot the skill as in other characters.
      Likan have too small purpule.

      Increase the level of purple.
      Increase lane animation speed.
      Give the ability to strike the wolf with skill at 100%
      !!!! STOP NEW ALCHEMY IN UPDATE 18.4 !!!!!!

      Mój kanał YT: Metin2.PL - Wetar - GamePriv [YOUTUBE]
    • Hi, i don't know if u can consider it a bug..but its surely annoying.

      Lag created by all the stores on the village's 1, specially the blue on, i believe its the same at all country's. Its sad that a game like Metin2, with so many years, hast yet created a mode of buying/selling items, that doesn't give so much problems. "Asking" the players to let their computer ON just so they can sell some things are stupid, not everyone can do it, specially 24/7 .

      A simple offline store mode, where the player can choose the price of the item he's selling, and the others can search it, it would completely clear all the villages of the lag, allowing the players to sell/buy items more easily.

      Please consider this, probably doesn't fit in the actual update and all the "bugs", but its a real pain in the ªªª, and should be taken care.
    • Description: Poly marble damage bug using alchemy and other things. It´s more explained in this post:…-transformation/?pageNo=1
      Large Description: From what I read of this post would summarize that apparently the damage from the poly marble is not correctly calculated when one uses khan, or uses alchemy, and is more generates that the damage obtained through the missions of the biologist is not taken into account many times by other things that one is wearing (alchemy, khan, sash, etc).
      It would be nice if you carefully check every thing that adds damage to see how it works since it seems that there are too many things that work poorly with the damage of the poly marble.
      JonyBelmont, Body Warrior lv112. Server: Nemesis.
    • I want just to add on the list the "Mount BUG" ("Lion BUG" or "Power mount BUG"whatever you call it) which I have described and discussed about in the below linked thread (last posts). You might call it "lag" as well not a BUG but it is affecting us and I am sure a way of limiting it's effect can be found

      Difference between various Kyanite weapons

      Starting with that post in which I've described the bug and added some video too and also I proposed something (maybe not the best thing but at least will be limiting the bug usage). There is also @meh taking part into the discussion and also I understood that unforgiven is aware of it. I just put it here for including it in the list

      Thank you.

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    • Description: Stun After Stun After Stun when you get stun you can`t use red potions etc and is a very pain in the a...s to level in the groto of exile even you have excelent alchemy and you are a sura Weapon when you get that stun stun stun you die right away.Even if you have Defence against Blackouts on your shield you get all the time stuned ,please fix this reduce the stuning change is impossible in one round you get 5-6 times stuned

      Location:Grotto of Exile V2

      Enemy: and and
      #NoToUpdate 18.4 Dont Change the elementary rezistance no to new alchemy

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    • Login Interface: Let's say you are in CH2, 3 or higher and you want to log off, the login screen says CH1 but if you continue without changing it you still go to CH2. Some small detail to fix ;)

      Login Interface: When you entered your ID and Pass and you login, you can choose "Cancel" button but it actually doesn't cancel it. You just close that dialog.

      When you have soulbounded items on a character, you can still delete the specific character or the whole account.

      Items from Item Depot (from ItemShop) cannot be stacked with normal ingame items which are the exact same things.

      Ingame: The Guardian NPC has lot's of text above his head, but he switches to another text so fast that you cannot read the previous text.

      Potion crafting (Yu-Hwan & Huahn-So): When trying to craft stacked potions (Kaki Blossom Juice, Gango Root Juice, Young Water and Bo Water) you can't use the ingame crafter (or the command /craft all) because you exceed the max amount which is 20.

      The level 90 Hunting Quest doesn't really exist. I tried multiple times but it doesn't show up. I didn't gain a level up or completed another quest during that time.

      Fun: Quest "Fire and Ice" by Soon: When you don't want to give the item called Black Ice, Soon threats he will murder you and your whole family. Not something I could call friendly :P
    • Description: There are equal items that can't be put together (for example I have two magic irons packs that I can't put together because they are from different events). Some items like magic metals could be stackable also.
      Description: Some days ago I opened 5 stores and the server went down after 5 minutes, not to mention the power outage and "tiring" the computer. Metin should be one of the few games with this system of stores that doesn't make any sense. Please, i don't want to open a lots of stores (that give a lot of work and because of the server instabilitity I've to open them over and over again.
      Description: - Check the mining system. I put the mining skill at P and honestly felt no difference at all compared to a character without a single point in the skill.
      Description: The wolf's breathe deals doble damage sometimes.
      Description: If you get too close to the walls in Meley's lair the character sometimes comes back. Sometimes I'm in the center and I die with the fire that falls out of the circle.
      Location: Meley's Lair

      This is not a bug, but I will put it here anyway. Please see the reward of 90+ level quests, they are truly ridiculous.
    • Meley's lair

      1.idalls sometimes just dissapear but dealing dmg, if they dissapear you cant use bleeding and poisoning. the only way i know to fix this is to change char for a moment when idalls are spawned.

      2.My guild on polish server is suffering meley bug. after the time we ended up dung and took prize and waited 3hours we cant registrate new one and we need to wait for server restart. it happened like 7 times in 7 weeks xd

      3.likans can still deal more damage using crimson on polimorph marble after switching on/off khan or porkie seal, when suras and warriors cant do it .
    • Other Bugs:
      Description: I have one two character with P skill at mining + one have pickaxe+3 and other pickaxe+2 and a farmer level 35 with 10 points on mining skill and pickaxe+1 do you belive me that my farmer level 35 gets more mining ores and succes mining then my other 2 chracter with P mining skill +pickaxe+3 and pickaxe+2? Webzen should make something about this the mining books it expensive and they dont increase nothing i cant explain how my farmer level 35 gets more ores then other two.
      Bring back Beran-Setaou like was before the change strategy make it like in the past ....
      #NoToUpdate 18.4 Dont Change the elementary rezistance no to new alchemy

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    • GamePriv wrote:

      ketchup wrote:

      3.likans can still deal more damage using crimson on polimorph marble after switching on/off khan or porkie seal, when suras and warriors cant do it .
      Hahahaha :)
      Mental can use a strong body in marble.
      Sura can use fear and armor in the mammoth.

      This is not a mistake. Crimson is a natural buff.
      I think you did not understood...the BUG was not that is dealing more damage while using Crimson Soul Buff is dealing more damage AFTER switching on/off the pet. For ex is dealing 10k while polymorphed, is turning off Khan then is turning it back on and then is dealing 17k damage. The BUG is known on live server and it was solved for warriors and suras by limiting their aura or enchanted blade NOT TO WORK while using polymorph marble. Probably it was discovered they are related. Same way, Crimson Soul should be automatically deactivated when you use polymorph marble.